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Remembering Kevyn Aucoin & Way Bandy:

Since this blog is long over due, it only seems fitting to reminisce and pay homage to influences from the past. If you don’t know who Kevyn Aucoin was, He was a legendary makeup genius. He commanded 10,000 dollars a day for his makeup artistry. He will be remembered for making some of the world’s most celebrated women even more visually stunning. He was the author of many best-selling books. These are the ultimate beauty books, The Art of Makeup, Making Faces,and Face Forward.

I was shocked in disbelief to learn that Kevin had passed away on May 7th, 2002. He was not only a unique genius, but he had an uncanny ability to bring out the inner beauty of all whose lives he touched.

He was a consummate professional whose idea of glamour was not about pretentiousness and arrogance but one of inner beauty.He was simply amazing. Kevyn had it all, yet was humble and sweet.

Au Courant Sunless Tanning as used by Kevyn Aucoin on gal pal Elizabeth Hurley ::: Harpers Bazaar March 1999 :::

We shared two unique qualities,The love of makeup, and an admiration for Way Bandy.

“From Making Faces : I dedicate this book to my mentor; the late Way Bandy, whose innovative and breathtaking makeup artistry motivated me to pack up my brushes and move to New York City to pursue my dreams.”

Who was Way Bandy?

Way Bandy was known as a celebrity makeup artist who clients read like a Studio 54's VIP list. He often worked with photographer Francesco Scavullo creating New York's 70's glamour for Vogue,Cosmopolitan and many other high fashion projects.
His best selling books
Designing Your Face & Styling Your Face are a great source of information to this day.

Bandy shows men and women how to create their own cosmetics mix in fool proof fashion. He mixes and applies makeup much like a painter paints, offering a simple solution and creating a variety of looks. Makeup artists today still refer to Bandy as a great source of inspiration.

Way Bandy, a native of the American South, had been an artist all his life,
specializing in the portraits of women. After college and a few years spent as a teacher of American and English literature, he moved to New York City. In 1967 to pursue a career in art. Sidetracked into the field of cosmetics by Necessity, Way worked as Salon and Makeup Director for Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz from 1969 to 1971.

In 1972 Way began his career as a freelance face designer for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, where his work appeared
regularly, and for international celebrities. Way also designed for cosmetic advertising, television commercials, film and theater.

He was one of the fashion world’s best-known and highest-paid makeup artists and a best-selling author, died at the age of 45. His death was reported in an August 15, 1986

Kevyn had just landed a magazine cover with Madonna on it. I knew he was going to take Way
Bandys place just from the genius artistry on the cover. He came in to Canal Jeans and purchased some brushes from me. (I was an independent franchise within Canal Jeans.)

I remember saying “ I know you”! I remember him just laughing. He was so cute.

Canal Jeans is a NYC icon originally founded in the early 70’s.

It’s legacy as a trendsetting-shopping destination, which is eclectic, affordable and fun.
Self-magazine August 1987 did a write up on my War Paint colored mascaras:

In Memoriam of Estee Lauder:

(July 1, 1908 - April 24, 2004)

I was very fortunate to meet this great woman. I had the good fortune of doing makeup in her personal office on 59th & 5th overlooking Central Park. Perscriptives was just launching and the production was for the in-store video.

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