Friday, April 26, 2013

Au Courant Red Carpet Sunless Tanning VIP Style Awards

VIP Style Awards ! 

The beautiful & glamorous Lisa Cannon has our vote for Ireland's most stylish woman, 
Lisa will be sporting Au Courant on the Red Carpet.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Au Courant : Bronzing Without Baking

Bronzing Without Baking

by Rachel Williams

Remember Magda from the 1998 hit “There’s Something About Mary”?  She was Mary’s older, stuck-in-the- 70’s, orange-colored neighbor who caked on fluorescent blue eye-shadow, smoked a carton of Kools a day, and covered her couches in plastic.  We all know and love that loopy old lady in our lives, despite the mixed aroma of perfume and cigarette smoke emanating from her clothes, and the old leathery skin that hangs from her cheekbones.  Can’t you hear that sweet raspy voice now?  “Where’s my little shnookums? Bring your tuckus over here and give Auntie Magda a kiss.” 
But just because we love old cougars doesn’t mean we have to look like them when we get older.  Lucky for us, there are thousands of alternatives to unhealthy sun exposure and baking under tanning lights.  These products will give you a natural-looking tan without frying your youthful glow away.

Au Courant Instant Sunless Tanning Mousse
Unlike other sunless tanning products, this mousse claims to be applicable to your face, provides instant tan results, and also hydrates your skin.  After exfoliating, rub the mousse in a circular motion into the skin, but make sure to apply it lightly around your joints, upper lip, and eyebrow area as to avoid discoloration.  The texture of the mousse helps you to know where you have applied the product and where you haven’t.  It dries quickly without a sticky feeling and shouldn’t leave you streaky.  However, the company urges consumers to use a spray or a mousse as a base coat and an instant tanning lotion after because their products are designed to work together.  ( available at

Monday, April 8, 2013

Au Courant Sunless Tanning:: Style Bible:: What's Hot in April?

Au Courant: With the sun finally here, we are now ready to take out that long awaited spring wardrobe. Au Courant tan is fast becoming the tan of choice – from the lotion (€34.50) to the mousse (€34.50). Loved by Celebrities. Now you too can look like a star.  The Au Courant range of products contains everything from exfoliators (€28.90) to moisturisers (€29.90) so that your skin is fully prepared for the tanning process.  Au Courant sunless tanning products are available nationwide.  For all stockist enquiries please contact Pink Distribution 01 2051022

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