Friday, November 21, 2008

Christina Aguilera : : Au Courant in the December Issue of Elle Magazine

"I've been loyal to Au Courant Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion for years. It's a life saver on tour when I can't get out much, plus I hate the sun - it makes skin age."

"Our sincerest thanks to Christina Aguilera"


Monday, September 15, 2008

Beauty Queen :: Au Courant

British Newspaper The Guardian Life & style section exclusively report Everything you need to know about fake tanning.

Pam (English blonde, fair-skinned) uses Au Courant Instant Sunless Tanning Mousse (£24.99 HQ Hair): 'I prefer the colour on me to the St Tropez colour.' she says. 'It's easy to put on, dries fast and doesn't streak - I always use surgical gloves. I tissue off a bit on the knees, elbows and heels to make sure I don't get the dark patches there.'

Beauty Queen
Beauty Everything you need to know about fake tanning
Kathy Morgan

Is it vital to exfoliate before you apply fake tan?

Catherine Jackson

Yes - it makes all the difference between a botched job and a smooth finish. Exfoliating takes off the skin's dead cells and naturally makes your skin smoother and boosts circulation. If you don't, it means streaks, splodges and tell-tale orange patches.

I don't like fake tan on my face as I find it emphasises enlarged pores. What should I do?

Georgina Spencer

This is one of the big downsides of self tans, even if open pores are not your problem. If you use it all through the summer, it tends to get ingrained in the pores, even with regular exfoliation. All sunless tanners use DHA (dihydroxyacetone) - which can have a drying effect on the skin - to temporarily colour skin. Some also use erythulose, which is known to be more moisturising than DHA. One of the most important things to remember with self-tan or bronzing make-up is that the skin needs to start squeaky clean and moisturised. Then you have the choice of dozens of bronzing alternatives. If you are young you can get away with a tinted gel or a liquid bronzer with pearlised finish for a bit of colour. If you are older, shimmer gets into the pores and wrinkles, so choose a matte bronzer applied to the apple of the cheeks with a brush. This season, the blushers are subtler, nearer to your own skin tone. Avoid the dark terracotta ones (unless you are dark-skinned). Try Dior's Bronze Luminizer brushed on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.

Fake tans seem to have very different shades. Could you give me a list of dark, medium and light ones?

There are now literally hundreds of brands out there. All of them use exactly the same chemicals and amino acids to fake your tan. Some have added anti-oxidants, vitamins and moisturisers to protect and enhance. Everyone has slightly different skin tones and skin types so it all becomes very subjective. Clarins and Lancôme always come high up in the popularity stakes. In terms of spray-tan booths, some are better than others. But whatever you do, don't try a new brand just before your wedding or holiday. It's a recipe for disaster.

The Sunday Times :: Au Courant

British Newspaper

Streaky legs? Blotchy elbows? Orange palms? Not any more – the trick to self-tanning is meticulous application. Here’s our guide to a great all-over glow

Self-tanning phobes are too willing to blame bronzing products for the creosote-like streaks that develop on hands and feet. The reality is, however, that they probably haven’t spent enough time applying it. You can’t expect to slap on the fake tan in 30 seconds (or, worse, after a round of mojitos) and expect to wake up with Gisele-like, honey-coloured skin.

The key to a flawless fake tan is an artful application, being meticulous about the areas where the product tends to stick. Our guide is put together from years of professional tanning advice, and while it may look laborious, any girl worth her Eres bikini will tell you that it’s time well spent.

Tanning Tools :

Streaky legs? BlotchyA back applicator for hard-to-reach areas - try Au Courant Sponge on a Stick, from HQ UK

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stay Cool Film

Stay Cool has wrapped up principal photography.

Thought we would share this 'Dandy Snap Shot'...(pictured above)
Josh Holloway, Chevy Chase, Sean Astin, Kim Collea (makeup department head) & Julie Socash.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kristine Hartman Reviews Au Courant

Kristine Hartman is the Creative Director of, the leading online fashion magazine devoted to reporting on up-and-coming designers, runway trends, Fashion Weeks worldwide, beauty, travel, and pop culture.

Is Self-Tanner the Solution For Some Summer Sun?

As a solution to the scorching summer sun, I have reviewed the company Au Courant and their self-tanning products as a viable alternative to those pesky, harmful UV rays.

Illuminating your look with a sparkly glow has to be a summer must. With 25 years experience in the beauty business behind her, Susan Horrell has created a line unique to the self-tanning industry. Hundreds of celebs have Susan to thank for their signature glow. We all aspire to have a beautiful, healthy, ethereal complexion from tip to toe. It is a summer must, going hand and hand with swimming, late night movies, and stargazing. Something about a healthy glowing complexion, which bewitches us all, evoking innocence, and intrigue without ever having to speak a word.

Au Courant has made things simple for the consumer, by labeling formulas at different degrees of tan and glow, therefore, you are able to determine how dark or how light you want your glow to be. The mousse is foamy and comes with an applicator sponge, which makes application simple and clean, it definitely offers a moderate tan. Their bronzer with SPF is waterproof and is meant for the gal who already has her summer base tan. The spray self-tanner is probably the lightest amount of color, suits lighter skin tones best, without overdoing it, or making yourself that lovely oompa loompa orange. The sunless face gel can even be used as a makeup primer due to the smooth gel consistency, and is ideal for under your full face of makeup, or even for spot bronzing on the high points of the face. Day or night these shades suit most skin types and offer added protection from the potent summer sun.

There is something for the fair complexioned individual, who wants a beige glow, all the way through to the deepest vixen who wants a little more dark chocolate. How could we possibly make it through this steamy summer without a little glow?

Kristine Hartman
Creative Director

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Au Courant Sunless Tanning as used in Film Production of 'Stay Cool'

'Stay Cool' is a new feature comedy currently in production.

Michael Polish will direct Stay Cool from a script he co-wrote with brother Mark. The pair have previously worked together on The Astronaut Farmer and Northfork.

Centering on a successful author (Polish) who is forced to confront an unrequited high school crush (Ryder) when he returns home to deliver a commencement address to graduating seniors.


  • Winona Ryder as Scarlet Smith
  • Hilary Duff as Shasta O'Neil
  • Mark Polish
  • Sean Astin as Big Girl
  • Josh Hollaway
  • Chevy Chase
  • Jon Cryer

Friday, July 4, 2008

Au Courant Spray Tanning Station

Au Courant debuted it's Newest Spray Tanning Booth at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference.

Au Courant's Spray Tanning Station, is the
most versatile and practical on the market, since it's portable and is so easy to use.

Offer all over tanning(not all over your salon or home) with our "fold away" Spray Booth. Black surface for easy cleaning.

* Lightweight and easy to handle, fully adjustable.
* Folds away for quick storage, with wheels.
* Dual extremely powerful variable speed motors eliminate all spray.
* Easy to clean black color = less maintenance.
* Re-usable Quick Dry Filters are easily cleaned with running water.
* Spotlights with Dimmer Control/Heating Element to dry patron.
* No assembly required, simply plug in and start spray tanning.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Au Courant featured in Lovely Magazine

Lovely is a modern online beauty and fashion magazine for those of us obsessed with fashion.

The online interface is gorgeous and concise, it brings the look and feel of a glossy online with amazingly crystal clear photography, interesting visuals and great content.

Our sincerest thanks to Ingrid Cordeiro Editor of Lovely Magazine.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Women's Murder Club - Au Courant

Au Courant as used on Television Drama Series Women's Murder Club . Make-Up Artistry by Julie Socash.

Based on the best-selling series of books by James Patterson, Women's Murder Club tells the story of four friends from different walks of life who come together to form a unique murder investigation team. Their jobs as a homicide detective, a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter and an assistant district attorney give them a formidable range of skills, and their strong friendship provides the basis for the teamwork that's necessary to crack each case.

Catch it on ABC Tuesday Nights at 10/9c

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Christina Aguilera on The Ellen Show

Christina Aguilera was the featured guest on
The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This was her first talk show interview since giving birth to her son Max.
She really looks sensational. Just Radiant....Oh-So Au Courant!

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