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Feeling milk bottle-white and pasty? Get an instant glow with Au Courant Sunles Tanning

Au Courant Instant Tanning Mousse Review: " I think most people would be hard pushed to guess it was fake. Thumbs Up " 

Au Courant Tanning products mentioned in Sunday Magazine Sydney Australia

Au Courant mentioned in Sunday Magazine Sydney Australia.
"The all-time favourite self-tanning product in the Aguilera camp is Au Courant, the original Baywatch bronzing product.
"It's one of the best products out there," says Sollitto. "It's green-based, so it comes out looking like your skin - not orange as many tanners do. It also comes out of the bottle dark, so you can see where you are putting it. Then it becomes darker on the skin over time."

Facing The Music'
Sunday Magazine in the Sunday Telegraph Sydney
Story Suzanne Wangmann

It is really expensive but gives a much more natural tan than the “orangey” glow that so many do. "

Au Courant mentioned on Debbie Andersen's pineapples and palm trees
" I’m not getting paid for this but, if you are wondering what sunless tanning lotion I use it is Au Courant. It is really expensive but gives a much more natural tan than the “orangey” glow that so many do. "

Overboard – 1987 Romantic Comedy Classic – If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must rent!
" Start your journey towards the perfect summer glow, by coming into any absolute spa location to purchase your summer products or book your Au Courant Spray Tan " named Absolute Spa's Fairmont Vancouver Airport location was listed as one of the top airport spas in the world!

The airport outpost of Canada’s most luxurious hotel chain has a spa offering an array of jet set-friendly treatments — and can indulge in longer, more luxurious treatments, like a Moor Mud bath, Academy Award face and body spray-tan application or Lomi-Lomi massage to soothe away those travel-induced kinks.”

We are so proud and excited to be receiving this international recognition!

Next time you are traveling through YVR stop in for a visit! There are several locations in the airport:

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel YVR
Domestics Departures Gates 44 & 47
Domestic Arrivals (Next to 7-11)
US Departures Gate 85

Happy travels!

Au Courant mentioned on Stylish City website.

Au Courant mentioned on Stylish City website.
"Visit tanning expert cosmetic company Au Courant’s blog for tips on how to get the most brown for your buck."
Sunless Tanning & Toning: Some people use diet and excercise to tone and sculpt. Others just call their local air brush queen. So if you’re going to fake it, here are the safest ways. Self-tanners leave you either stinky or smelling like a bagel bite. Spray tanning does the trick with two benefits: 1) Air brushed tans looks more even and real and 2) You can tone it up while you tan. Do you notice how dancing with the stars contestants look so ripped? That’s because they are airbrushed to look that way. Toning and sculpting in the privacy of your own home. (Most companies do make house calls, pop up this little tent thing and spray away.) Weary about spending the money? There are some tricks to extend air brushed tans. Visit tanning expert cosmetic company Au Courant’s blog for tips on how to get the most brown for your buck.

Air brushing is a sneaky form of faux self-improvement. You can’t will away wrinkles without Botox and you can’t make your hair fuller sans extensions. You can, however, make your skin naturally tan by laying at the beach for five hours and tone yourself through diet and exercise. Or you can just call your local air brush queen.

(Thank-you Emma Dinzebach :-))

Au Courant Tanning products mentioned in "Beauty at any Age" Book

 Au Courant Tanning products mentioned in "Beauty at any Age" Book.
A former model and unrepentant clotheshorse, Diana Pemberton-Sikes is a certified color and image consultant who has been helping women reach their image goals since 1994. Her clients include sales managers, social workers, teachers, lawyers, and accountants, to name a few. Since then, she’s been interviewed by dozens of magazines, including Prevention,Women’s World ,Weight Watchers, Paris Woman .

“Getting That Sun Kissed Look So how can you get the look of a tan without risking the danger of sitting in the sun? Use a bronzer or self-tanner.If you’re using an “instant” bronzer, you’ll need to wait about five minutes for the product to set. If it’s not instant, you’ll need to wait at least an hour. Keep your hands off your skin and sit someplace that won’t leave tell-tale signs on your skin. You can apply additional layers once the first layer has dried. Made a blotchy mess of it? Whoops! You’ll have to wait for it to wear off. You can speed up the process by exfoliating every day or by using a glycolic moisturizer.

Here are some of the best bronzing/self-tanning products:
Au Courant Instant Sunless Tanning Mousse

Pemberton-Sikes, Diane. "Beauty at any Age" Current Issues Ed. Top Drawer Publications 1st ed. Newark: Deleware, Print.


Au Courant Sun Care Line has many celebrity fans

Beauty Professional Ireland 2014
Au Courant - A pioneer in the sunless tannong industry, has many celebrity fans including " Fast & the Furious " star Jordana Brewster, Christina Aguilera, Yasmine Bleeth, Steve Carell and celebrity make-up artist Stephen Solitto. Au Courant has been used on many television and film sets including " Baywatch (Kandace Westmore), Ugly Betty, Dancing with the Stars, X-Files, 24, Ghost Whisperer, The Biggest Loser, American Dreams, Films The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Iron Man" ...

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