Thursday, May 19, 2011

Au Courant True Ray of Light

Beauty Review: Au Courant Instant Tanning Mousse

We’ve tried them all — gels, sprays, gloves, and moisturizers that say they will gradually build your tan — but this instant tanner has got to be one of the best. After the first application of this product, it already lived up to its name. It really is instant. And it doesn’t stain your hands! One layer of the product provided the perfect colour, it was golden brown but still looked completely natural.
When using this product make sure to really rub it in all over, if you miss some areas, it will look streaky. You’ll be pleased to learn that unlike some instant tanners, this product will not leave you feeling sticky and it won’t rub off on your clothes.
The Au Courant website says this product was first created for tv and film sets and only $29.99 it’s an excellent alternative to pricey spray tans. If you’re looking for safe way to get your summer glow on without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays this product is a true ray of light.

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