Friday, May 28, 2010

Au Courant Best Spray Tan in Social & Personal Beauty Awards

Following months of research and testing, and assisted by Ireland’s leading make-up, hair, skincare and body professionals, magazine’s beauty team bring you their definitive list of beauty winners for 2010.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Ways To Get The Glowing Skin Men Love

5 Ways To Get The Glowing Skin Men Love

We tested 5 sunless tanning products so you can get the glowing skin men love sans sun.
by Diana Vilibert

Summer means shedding clothes and newsflash: men love women's skin. They also love seeing it with a healthy, sexy glow. By glow we mean not wintry pale and by healthy we mean sans the damaging effects of the sun.
Want a sexy summer glow without the sun? This fair-skinned (OK, sometimes downright deathly pale) writer bravely went where she hasn't gone since the Great Self Tanner Mishap of 2004, and tested a new batch of faux-glow products.

The top five self-tanners we recommend:

Au Courant: If you prefer a mousse over a lotion, try Au Courant Instant Sunless Tanning Mousse. It'll give you a lighter glow, but you can use the mousse as a base before applying Au Courant's lotion on top of it for deeper color. We loved this one for the face: it's the perfect color intensity for a realistic-looking tan.

Au Courant Fresh and Easy Summer Glow

Sunday Business Post 05/23/2010

Try the Au Courant Platinum face gel to add a healthy glow to your face this summer. The light-weight gel has a non-comodogenic formula that is oli and alcohol-free so it won't clog your pores - unlike most of the products Guilty Pleasures has tried in the past.

It blends easily and gives a natural result - sun-kissed as opposed to drowned in mud or, worse again, red earth. The face gel is is enriched with French Botanicals and vitamins, which the manufacturer claims will help reduce cell-damaging free radicals and leave your skin looking more nourished.

It boasts an SPF of 15. The gel comes in three shades and is available in beauty salons nationwide.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Evening Show Au Courant T.V. Feature

"One of the Best Tanning Products on the market"

The Evening Show is City Channel's new early evening entertainment show, hosted by Rachel Wyse , featuring Anita Murray.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Golden Glow with Au Courant Face Gel

Get that Healthy, Golden Glow with 'Au Courant Face Gel'

It's amazing how sometimes, in fact, quite often, a bit of tan on your face can just make you feel on top on the world; it lifts your spriits, can hide any 'pasty-ness' moments you might be going through and just makes you look happy, healthy and rested! Of course, this isn't always easy to achieve and there is nothing - and I repeat NOTHING - worse than a ridiculously Ronsealed face; you know the kind; where the persons face is so dark that all you can see is the whites of their eyes! Terrible. Anyway, what you need to achieve is a happy medium. And this product really seems to do this! It's the summery healthy glow that you are looking for and it's specificially formulated for your face.

The Au Courant Platinum €33.50 face gel is a unique self tanner that instantly adds warmth to the skin. It's kind to your skin too because the non comedogenic formulation contains no oil or alcohol so it will not clog your pores as most people in the past feared. Designed to give your face the firming qualities of a taut and toned complexion the gel simultaneously produces a sun kissed glow overall.

You can also purhcase a small sponge applicator - The small sponge applicator €4.50 may also be used to apply the face gel as it is non absorbent and with the gel texture being very easy to blend you will be left with an even all over glow to the skin. Au Courant is the first choice in self tanning with celebrities, models, makeup artists and skincare Professionals. It is the safe smart and beautiful way to tan and with the gels coming in three shades all skin types are looked after. This lightweight and non-oily gel promotes a natural, golden tan for face and body without sun exposure which makes it a real investment in the world of beauty.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Au Courant Interview : Endless

Seven Sunless Tanning Tips

Get a Safe Faux Golden Glow

With all spring's sunshine, you can't help but bask in it--and want that golden glow to show. It's been said before but bears repeating: there is no such thing as a safe suntan. No, you’re not safe from UV damage if you bake after 3pm. No, you’re not safe if you establish a base tan at the tanning salon first (please, just say no to tanning beds!). And no, you’re not safe if you never get a sunburn.

Just because suntanning is bad doesn’t mean you have to look Gwyneth-Paltrow-pale all summer. Thankfully, there are plenty of terrific sunless self tanning products that can give you a natural, even, and gorgeous faux glow—but only if you apply them correctly.

We spoke with professional makeup artist Susan Horrell founder of Au Courant Cosmetics, about the best way to go about applying self tanner.

Seven expert tricks for creating the best-looking fake bake:

1. Pick the right product
When shopping for self tanner, Horrell suggests sniffing the bottle you’re looking to buy, as many products have an offending, synthetic odor that can linger on your skin for hours or even days after application. “If the scent is not appealing to you, you’re not going to use it,” adds Horrell. You should also check the directions to see how long the product will take to develop. Obviously, the faster the better and the more convenient.

2. Set aside enough time
Applying sunless tanner is not a process you want to rush through, especially if you’ve never done it before. You’ll need anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to appropriately apply the product, then another hour or so to let it dry.

3. Prep your skin
Self tanners contain a colorless sugar that reacts with the uppermost layer of your skin to color it. Sloughing away dead skin cells allows the product to go to work on a layer of skin that’s going to be around longer, meaning your tan will stick around longer, too. Dry skin also typically absorbs more color, so sweeping it away will help produce a more even look. Shaving before can also make application easier and the results more even, just don’t do it if you have sensitive skin.

4. Lotion up
Moisturizing dry spots pre-application can keep them from soaking in too much tanner. Another idea: Apply a gradual self tanning lotion all over so any mistakes you make with your self tanner will look less noticeable.

5. Apply the product
Spread self tanner from head to toe, focusing on areas that usually see the most sun and skipping over or only lightly coating those that don’t. For example, Horrell recommends putting tanner on the top of your arms, but applying it only very lightly to the undersides. You also want to go light around the hairline, brows, and upper lip, as getting too dark in these areas is a common faux tan giveaway (and not super attractive, either).

6. Touch-up trouble spots
After application, you’ll want to touch up potential trouble spots by dabbing them with a damp sponge. Areas to lightly sponge include your feet, elbows, knees, and knuckles, all areas that tend to the dry side.

7. Let it set
Avoid coming into contact with anything (clothing, the couch, etc.) for at least 15 minutes and ideally, you should wander around naked for another hour to allow the product to dry and develop. If that’s not feasible, slip into dark, loose sweats. Tight jeans and tops can be stained by sunless tanners, plus perspiration can create a streaky tan. Avoid showering for at least three hours, though even longer is best.

Keep in mind that it may take a few applications before you reach your desired shade of “sun-kissed,” so try to go light the first time around to avoid obvious mistakes. A sunless glow usually lasts around 3 to 5 days, so after a few weeks you’ll have this painstaking process down. Though it might seem like a hassle now, just think of how much time and money you’ll save on anti-aging treatments later!

Megan O'Neill is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia, PA. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Health, Self, Glamour, Real Simple, Natural Health and Spa.

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